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Gift Wrapping

I love to take my time wrapping gifts. They’re going to be sitting under your tree, might as well look good, huh? I love the ideas above. Especially the wreath. It’s Bay Leaves glued to the package in a circle, that’s all!


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Christmas Card Time!

I love sending out Christmas Cards. I stumbled across this site: and found these cute cards!

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Gift making

The Clean Home Journal website has great ideas for homemade gifts and decorating, check it out!

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You can’t honestly say this doesn’t make you want to make a scarf! How divine it would be!

November 8, 2007 at 2:44 pm 2 comments

Holiday Baking

I just can’t wait to start baking for the holidays! You can find the recipe for this banana bread at

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Travel Scrapbook

I wish I had more time/energy to scrapbook. I’m just so unorganized when it comes to planning out a page. I can’t say this doesn’t make me want to do it though, everything here is from the Martha Stewart Crafts you can get at Michaels. She offers step by step instructions and the option to purchase everything you need on her site:

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Stamp it

Who doesn’t love what you can do with stamps. I think I nabbed these from a Stampin Up online catalog. Although I never get around to doing any projects like this, it sure is inspiring!

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